Training During Covid

July 27, 2020 | fstraining

FS ( First Aid ) Training resumed training on 15th June 2020. we have adapted our courses to adhere with guidelines issued by our awarding body Qualsafe.

Covid 19 – Training GuidelinesĀ 

Extra Precautions we are taking during First Aid training:

  • Smaller classes to allow for social distancing. 8 Learners per course on our open courses.
  • On arrival the trainer will ensure all delegates are not exhibiting signs of respiratory infection. Anyone exhibiting signs of respiratory infection (e.g. cough/cold/flu, particularly if it makes the person sneeze, cough or need to blow their nose) will be asked to self-exclude from the course.
  • Class induction: on arrival all delegates will be given clear instructions in following World Health Organisation advice on infection prevention and control. This simple and easy to follow advice is clinically proven and very effective.
  • Adherence to hygiene advice will be monitored by the trainer throughout the course. Frequent hand washing and use of alcohol wipes/hand sanitizer gel will be required throughout the course. Nitrile gloves will also be available if needed. Hand washing facilities and alcohol hand /sanitizer/wipes will be on hand at all times.
  • Manikin hygiene: as you would expect, manikin hygiene has always been of utmost priorityin first aid training. CPR manikins are already designed to completely protect against spread of infection including all previously known types of coronavirus (cold/flu/SARS/MERS). Current precautions alone are deemed safe by the HSE and NHS England Microbiologyadvice.
  • One CPR Manakin per learner wherever possible. Personal CPR face shields are available should any require one.